About the Autism Coaching Team

IEP Development and Implementation/IEP Outcomes:

Autism Coaching Team Members will support EC teachers to create and/or review IEP goals to guarantee that meaningful data is used to write and implement appropriate goals that address the academic, functional, social, and behavioral needs of students, and utilize evidence based practices.

Problem-Solving for Improvement:

The Coaching Team will support special education teachers, regular education teachers, administrators, and families in using the Ziggurat to develop a comprehensive Autism planning process for each identified student that will facilitate positive outcomes in academic, social, behavioral, and functional skills.

Evidence-Based Instruction and Practices:

The Coaching Team will provide access to instruction in evidence-based practices (e.g. Internet modules, AIMS, exemplars of IEP goals, district-wide trainings), and will provide support in the implementation of these practices which will be monitored through data collection (e.g. CAPS, process checklists), classroom walk-throughs, and internal record reviews.

Communication and Collaboration:

The Coaching Team will facilitate mutual collaboration, partnership, and communication between the Autism Coaching Team and the Autism Community Support Network (e.g. Parents, Physicians, Therapists, Advocates, Employers, Residential Programs, etc.) with the purpose of identifying, developing, and expanding community supports and resources for children, adolescents, and young adults with autism as they make transitions throughout their education and into the community and workplace.

Proposed Professional Development:  

Social Thinking (local and outside trainers); EC Conference/Autism Institute; Transition; Ziggurat/CAPS; ADOS-2 Training; Parent and Community Resource Night

Team Members
Cindy Phipps School Psychologist/ADOS 2 Team Member Smoky Mountain High School/
Nicole McRight Speech Language Pathologist/ADOS 2 Team Member Blue Ridge/Blue Ridge Early College
Kayla Austin Occupational Therapist/ADOS 2 Team Member District Wide
Petra Giles Preschool Coordinator Jackson County Preschools
Todd Sessoms EC Teacher Smoky Mountain High School
Dana Tucker Behavior Specialist District Wide
Kieran Foxx School Psychologist District Wide
Judy McCardle School Psychologist District Wide
Erica Waldrop Speech Language Pathologist Pre-K and Smokey Mountain Elementary
Natalie Norman Speech Language Pathologist Scotts Creek School
Kelly Doppke Student Support Services Director District Wide